Signature Development


Signature Development

Signature Development

Who am I as an artist and what is my work about, exactly? These are fundamental questions in order to arrive at a successful career in photography – regardless of the genre or field of work.

The aim of this workshop is to develop and shape your 'signature' as a photographer by awareness of conceptual thinking; how to reflect on and to communicate a work in progress both visually and in written word; building and layering a story by editing. Within the workshop we will work with students that arrive with self-initiated works in progress, in order to:

  • shape the concept of a project in development;
  • practice presentation of this concept, both written and verbally;
  • apply practical information (how to get to results);
  • create awareness of platforms, exposure and related media characteristics (how do you present your work as a book, an exhibition, on a website, as multi-media, etc?)
  • train the skill of production and editing of a series towards a (digital) portfolio presentation.

 Students need to bring to class:

  • a broad edit of 30-50 images of their work in progress (10 x 15 cm drugstore quality prints are good enough)
  • laptop + extensive harddrive + digital camera**;
  • good spririt

* This workshop was originally designed for an extra day/session, depending on the response. Extra work might include: production of assigned images in the area, making an additional research online, appropriating images for storyboard (online), studying texts as suggested by the teachers. The general task for day 2 is to lift and boost the project as discussed on day 1 with new ideas, materials, inspirations, or reflection from a new perspective arriving from the input and discussions so far.

So in a 2-day course, day one will have a focus on the work done so far and day 2 will be more about how to deal with the things discussed on day one.

** The camera is only required for the 2 day workshop.


Bio from the teacher:

Erik Vroons GUP Magazine


Erik Vroons (1976, The Netherlands) holds an MA in Media Studies (University of Amsterdam) and an MA in Photographic Studies (University Leiden). From 2010-2014, he was the Chief Editor of international photography magazine GUP - based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently he functions as Editor-at-large for both GUP Magazine and Newdawn Paper – a bimonhtly 'freezine' on contemporary Dutch Photography, initiated by the GUP editorial team.

Besides the editorial work, he is active as a freelance writer/researcher/teacher in the field of photography.