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Visual Artists Ireland and Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery, in partnership with Belfast Photo Festival and Unseen Photo Fair, present a two-day symposium on the Art Book today with a self-publishing workshop from London-based group - The Photocopy Club.


Friday 12th June

11am - 4pm

11am "The Art Book Today" A panel discussion with 2015 Unseen Dummy Awards jurors Hans 11am Gremmen and Willem van Zoetendaal, Unseen Art market curator Zhenia Sveshinky and Agata Stoinska of BLOW photo magazine.

1.30pm Lunch (provided)

2pm Peer review with Jan McCullough, Paddy Kelly and Jill Quigley. In this session three of Northern Ireland's most exciting emerging artists  will discuss recent book dummies.  (limited places)

Saturday 13th June

10am - 4pm

The Photocopy Club zine workshops started in 2013. With the premise of helping students and up and coming photographers learn a simple but effective way of bringing there images from the computer to becoming printed matter. The zine workshop will guide you through the history of zines, photography zines and show you how to layout, curate, print and distribute.


Willem van Zoetendaal is a graphic designer who has been producing photography books since the early nineties. In 1994 he started publishing his own books, first under the name of Basalt (in collaboration with Frido Troost) and then under the name of Van Zoetendaal Publishers. Van Zoetendaal has been active as a gallery owner for contemporary photography from 2000 until 2014. Recently he changed his gallery space into a studio to develop his own art projects, art books and installations. In 2008 the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag acquired his photography collection (consisting of more than 1200 photos) that he had built up during his period as lecturer at the photography department of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in the nineties. The collection included early works from now renowned Dutch photographers/artists such as Céline van Balen, Koos Breukel, Rineke Dijkstra, Paul Kooiker, Esther Kroon, Harold Strak, as well as striking photos from anonymous photographers (found footage). Together with Noshka van der Lely, Van Zoetendaal manages the estate of the filmmaker/photographer Johan van der Keuken and the photo archive of former studio photographer Lee To Sang.

Amsterdam-based graphic designer Hans Gremmen is a jury member of the Unseen Dummy Award. He recently designed the last book of Rinko Kawauchi, 'Ametsuchi', published by Aperture. Hans is also part of the board of FW: in Amsterdam.

Zhenia Sveshinsky is a freelance curator and researcher working primarily, but not exclusively in the field of photography. Under the imprint of Image Matter she collaborated on various shows with foundation Paradox, co-curated a co-produced exhibition on Dutch photobooks Undercover -and a series of workshops and seminars on Dutch photographic practices for foundation FotoDepartament, St. Petersburg. She is currently the head of Unseen Book Market at Unseen Photography Fair & Festival Amsterdam.

An architect by trade, Agata Stoinska set her sights on the world of fashion photography in 2003, and soon became one of the most sought after photographers in the country. Stoinska’s personal work has been exhibited in galleries throughout Ireland, Europe and the United States.
Unsatisfied with the range of studios Dublin had to offer, Stoinska set about establishing a large studio space in the city that would accommodate the photography, fashion, television and arts industries. D-light Studios opened in early 2009 and boasts clients such as RTE, TV3, BBC, Meteor, Vodafone, PhotoIreland Festival, Sweet Media, Elevate and Thinkhouse P.R.  In the summer of 2010, Stoinska introduced the world to her latest endeavour; BLOW Photo Magazine. This large format image-based publication features both emerging and established photographers and is published quarterly by Hudson Killeen. Hudson Killeen were recently awarded the Overall Print of the Year Award at the Irish Print Awards for their work on BLOW.

The Photocopy Club

The Photocopy Club have been doing DIY workshops since 2012. Working with local communities, students and people of all ages we have made a simple and easy workshop that helps you get your images off the computer, on to the page and into print. Giving you a history of zines and self-publishing culture that hopefully pushes you into new ideas of releasing your photography into the world.

Matt Martin is a photographer, Curator and Publisher living in London. He has been curating exhibitions since 2008. Since then he has curated over 30 photographic exhibitions in the UK and overseas, and worked with photographers such as Michael Jang, Ewen Spencer, Chris Floyd, Henrik Purienne, Eleanor Hardwick and more. He is now the curator in residence at Doomed Gallery in London, runs Doomed Press and is the founder of the Photocopy club.