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Photography has never existed in a vacuum and since its inception has often found itself at loggerheads with other mediums - and it continues to wrestle its peers, perhaps now more than ever, given the myriad opportunities available to artists: nothing it seems is off limits.

At a time when the boundaries between mediums continue to blur and breakdown, where does phtoography sit within this shifting landscape? How do we define photography's constantly evolving identity? How are photographers working with photography and its fellow art forms? In short, what's next for photography?



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We're delight to welcome:

Francis Hodgson - photography critic for the Financial Times, consultant and professor

Francis Hodgson


Karen McQuaid - Curator, The Photographers' Gallery, London

Karen McQuaid


Jim Casper - Lensculture, Paris

Jim Casper


Greg Hobson - Curator of Photographs, National Media Museum

Greg Hobson