6 - 30 June 2015

Unveiling: Saturday 6 June, 6pm


Combing sculpture and photography, this commemorative celebratory sculpture is a to scale replica of the Back To The Future DeLorean car. Designed by artist Cyril Hatt and produced in collaboration with 150 former employees of the DeLorean Motor Company, this sculpture is completely made of individual A5 sized photographs printed directly on to brushed sheet metal. Each piece carrying a signature and message from a former employee of the factory.

Members of the public are encouraged to claim one of the photographic panels of the sculpture as an individual work of art.

The sculpture coincides with the:

  1. 25th Anniversary of the cars unveiling
  2. Year visited in Back To The Future 2
  3. First/Last reunion of the DeLorean Motor Company Employees


Commissioned by Belfast Photo Festival in partnership with Belfast Exposed and Delorean

Venue: Belfast City Hall Lawn