4 - 28 June 2015


Geert Goiris work encompasses a great diversity of subjects and photographic genres including landscape, architecture, portraiture and the photography of objects. He travels to, and photographs remote and inhospitable places, place which lie at the edges of civilisation - polar regions, deserts, volcanic zones, glaciers, caves, forests and mountains.

Goiris can be seen as a contemporary explorer in search of new landscapes and new ways of seeing. His work argues for unhurried perception, to look closely and slowly, a totally different experience to that offered to us by the dominant culture and by media entertainment. The exhibition at Belfast Exposed will centre on the idea of the 'abyss' and the perception or sense of a limitless, unfathomable space.


Venue: Belfast Exposed Photography Gallery

Opening Times: Tues - Sat, 11am - 5pm